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Contact Survey for Magnemation by FfrangconatorPlease fill out this survey, it will be much appreciated! When you click 'Submit Info,' the info will be sent automatically, directly to my Email. I may reply if you want me to.



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Pick Up to 3 of your Favourite Animations
Team A vs Team B: Rubik's Cube
Open Up a Box of Fun
Rainbow Tower
Attack of the Magnets
How to Make a Brickfilm
If Bowling was Magnetic
Team A vs Team B: Robot War
Open Up a Box of Color
Time Travel is Stupid

How did you find out about my animations?
Stumbled across them on YouTube
My work with Magnet Spheres (Flickr Zen Magnets Gallery)
Forum (BricksInMotion or SpeedSolving etc.)
Somebody told me about them
This Website

Any Comments? Suggestions for Animations? Suggestions for This Website?