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Frequently Asked Questions

Full Name: Jett Morgan Ffrangcon Williams. Hmmm... I wonder where I got the alias Ffrangconator...
Age: I am 21 Years old, and just graduated high school.
Country: Australia!

Please Ask Me a Question

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Why Magnemation?
You know how "Claymation" is short for "Clay Animation," well I thought I'd do the same thing for "Magnet Animation."

What is Ffrangconator?
It is pronounced Frank-on-ay-tor. My middle name is Ffrangcon, which is a Welsh name, which I modified. Yes, it is spelt with a double F, pretty strange huh. It sounds better out loud than in text, give it a try, say it out loud.

Where do you get your Music and Sound Effects?
Check out the Tools tab for all the info.

What Editing Software do you use?
I use Final Cut Pro X to edit. That's right I use 'X' and I like it, and recomend it, don't listen to people that say it's crap. I use Adobe After Effects to do effects such as lego men falling from the sky. Adobe Photoshop for editing individual frames in my animations, and also to create graphics, such as this Angry Twitter Bird. Sometimes I use Adobe Flash to make digital animations, but not for stop motion.

How Long Does it Take You to Make an Animation?
There is no set time, but usually about 3 weeks. People think that that taking the photo's takes forever. Not always the case... I filmed every shot in "How to Make a Brickfilm" in one day, but the editing and other things took weeks."

Where are all your Views/Subscribers?
I actually get this question quite often in the comments of my videos. This may be rhetorical, but you can help me out by sharing my videos with others.

Where do you get your Lego from?
I get most of my parts individually from eBay, including this seller. But I do have a fair bit of Lego left from my childhood, such as Team A and B's uniforms from a Lego soccer set.

When is the Next One Coming Out?
I make them mainly in the school holidays, but I will try to make more during school now. I have info on upcoming animations in the coming soon section of the gallery tab. You can follow me on Twitter/Facebook to be notified of when a video is in the making.

How do you do that Thing.. In that Animation..?
Most of how I did everything is in the behind the scenes info for that animation. But if it isn't, feel free to ask, or even to request a tutorial under the tutorials tab.

What Camera do You Use?
A Canon 600D T3i DSLR Camera, with a SIGMA 18-250mm lens.

What fps are your Animations?
I usually put the fps in the behind the scenes of each video under the gallery tab. It is usually around 15fps.

Did you make this website yourself?
Yes I did. Using pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I did use a few templates such as the featured slider on the home page.

How Fast Can You Solve a Rubik's Cube?
My record is 22 seconds for 3x3. List of Times for 2x2-7x7