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Welcome to Magnemation by Ffrangconator, Stop Motion Animation with Lego and Zen MagnetsWhat is stop motion animation?

Stop motion is where you get an object, take a photo, move the object slightly, then take another photo, and repeat this a number of times. This gives the illusion that the object is moving by itself. It is kind of like cartoons you see on tv, but it is using real live photographs, and real life objects.

Here you'll find:
What's New?
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November 6th 2013

New Animation (watch video)

June 1st 2013

New Tutorial Page (view page)
Now request mini-tutorials for anything that you see in my videos.

April 22nd 2013

New Sound Effects Resources (view page)
Including a LIGHT SABER sound pack!

April 12th 2013

New Animation (watch video)
Time Travel is Stupid

February 16th 2013

New Team A vs Team B in Planning (see progress)
Car Race

New Animation (watch video)
Open Up a Box of Color

Feburary 9th 2013

Open Up a Box of Color Coming Soon! (track progress)
Simliar to another of my animations "Open Up a Box of Fun," but with more colors and more awesomeness!

October 4th 2012

New Animation! (watch video)
Team A vs B: Robot War - Sorry it took so long to put it on the website.

June 7th 2012

Team A vs B: Robot War Coming Soon! (track progress)
Team A vs Team B is back, but this time with a ROBOTIC FIGHT TO THE DEATH

May 22nd 2012

New Animation Behind the Scenes (view page)
How to make the bowling pin from my new animation - If Bowling was Magnetic

May 7th 2012

New Animation Coming Soon (sneak peek)
If Bowling was Magnetic

New Coming Soon Page Layout (view page)
There are now some nifty progress bars on filming, editing, and music/sound effects. Also a new set up.

April 27th 2012

New Featured Section
Now a sliding bar showing featured ites on the homepage.

April 22nd 2012

Facebook Fanpage (view page)
I now have a fanpage on Facebook, be one of the first likers.

Modified Banner
Banner now has links to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube.

April 20th 2012

FAQ Section Added (view page)
You can now view frequently asked questions, and if your question is not annswered, you can ask it there too.

April 11th 2012

Much More Internet Explorer Compatible!
No annoying blue boxes around images, and all elements are centered in IE 8/9

April 8th 2012

Featured on VSauce2 BiDiPi Episode! (see the video)
My animation 'Open up a Box of Fun' was featured in the latest episode of the famous show BiDiPi on Youtube.

April 7th 2012

Tutorial Requests (view page)
You can now request tutorials on the tutorials page, think of anything you want.

April 6th 2012

Updates to the Site will be Posted on Twitter (follow me)
I you want to be notified of when this website is updated, follow me on Twitter @Ffrangconator

Added Backdops to Tools Tab (view page)
If you want to find all of the backgrounds I used in 'Attack of the Magnets,' you'll find them under the tools tab.

Re-Designed Tools Page (view page)
Navigation under the tools page is now similar to the gallery page.

April 5th 2012

(Semi) Internet Explorer Compatible (see brower comparison)
Basic layout is now the same in Internet Explorer, but it still does not handle transparent images. Also, the border of the boxes are not rounded.

New Icon Logo Small Magnemation Logo, Icon, Website (see larger image)
A new icon logo was added to every page of the site, click above to see a larger version of the logo.

Site Rating on Feedback Survey (view page)
A new HTML 5 feature, a sliding bar was added to the contact survey. If your browser does not yet support this, a text box should come up
instead of a sliding bar.

April 4th 2012

Behind the Scenes Info on Attack of the Magnets! (view page)
Picture gallery, how I did some of the things, and receive a message from chief magnet monster.

This Section Added
The "what's new" section was added to the home page.

Modified Welcome Message
Optimised for (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). If you have "Internet Explorer," get a better browser.