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Updated Dec 28, 2013

Android Version
After much demand, I got myself an Android device and made the app. Get it on Google Play.

iOS (1.1.0): Christmas Update!
Only available from the 18th - 31st of December. Santa Hat added on Gerald in the menu.

iOS (1.1.0): New Item - Presents
A small gift of 10 seconds added to your time if you drop it on the platform.

iOS (1.1.0): New Achievement - Nice, not Naughty
Make sure to open as many presents as you can before the end of December. But don't worry if you miss it, it'll come around again next year.

Distance Mode
Sidescroller mode with multiple platforms. Chocolate must be used to get to higher platforms, and dry food can be used to get to far platforms. Scoring is based off distance travelled.

New Levels
Snow, lava, and mountain themed levels with unique gimmicks in each.

More Achievements
Also with gold, silver and normal goals for each.

New Food: Ice
Drop it on Geralds head to make him slow down temporarily.

New Food: Eggs
Tap it on the platfrom and it will crack, revealing its eggy goodness. Gerald will take a while to eat it. Don't tap too hard, it will smash the egg.

HD Graphics
Gerald is looking better than ever.

Common/Pending Suggestions

Costumes for Gerald
Dress him up with hats and other accessories.

Shows which food type will come next before it comes
Just like in tetris. I personally think this ruins the element of surprise, but that’s why I’m putting it here to vote on.

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