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Known Bugs

Updated Dec 28, 2013

Android: App Crashes While Loading Game (How to Fix)
Press the Gear to open the settings on the menu. Tick the "Low RAM" option. This will replace Gerald with a lifeless, Substitute Gerald. As further measure, enter multitasking and close some/all other apps.

Android: Boulders Go The Opposite Way (How to Fix)
Press the Gear to open the settings on the menu. Tick the "Reverse Boulders" option.

iOS: Crash While Loading Tutorial (How to Fix)
This may be caused by having too many other apps running in the background. Enter multitasking and close some/all other apps.

iOS: Crashes Instantly on Old Devices
Unfortunately, due to low RAM and/or CPU, if you have an iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or lower, or iPod Touch 4th gen or lower, the game will most likely crash instantly.

iOS: Jumping and Hissing Animations Lingering
Occasionally, the jumping for chocolate animation lingers and stays even after landing. This can also happen after hissing at a strawberry. It is usually fixed after dropping food.

Distance Mode - Cat Stops After Landing on Next Platform
Occasionally, after the cat runs to a piece of food on another platform, it will freeze for no apparent reason.

iOS: Only One Orientation
The game will not rotate with your device. This is due an issue in my development software and I cannot do much about it. It will possibly be fixed in the future.

PC: My Data isn’t saving (How to Fix)
In the windows version, the game creates a file called "Blind_Cat_Save_Data." This file must be in the same folder as your game, so if you move the location of the game on your computer, you must also move this file with it.

Recently Corrected

iOS (1.0.1): Scores of Zero in Game Center
Fixes an issue where scores of zero would be sent to Game Center if a level hadn't been played.

iOS (1.1.1): Achievement Missing from Game Center
Added the "Nice, not Naughty" achievement to Game Center. Forgot to press the button to add them to v1.1.0 :S

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