Who is Dmax?

Dmax is the conductor for this train, the pilot for this evening, and the general of this platoon. It's his job to think of new ways to make CouchCom both succeed for the individual and the community. He also edits our videos! Dmax was always fascinated by the Game Grumps (Barry) style of editing, so over the years he's learned the tricks and now knows how to give videos that special flair. He also loves theming, so if you're looking for someone to find that thing about you that sets you apart, and then has the ability to showcase that, Dmax is your man. If you want Dmax on you team, and you know you do, contact him directly with the Contact tab! Also enjoy this video showcasing some of his best works, and have a great day!

Pricing Options

Let's plays10-15 minute episodes charged by the amount of footage given by the recorder in minutes.$0.75 a minute.
Long plays30 minute to hour long episodes with no fancy editing, bear bones: intro, background, end card, as needed bases. Episode is charged by the amount given by the recorder in minutes.$0.30 a minute.
CompilationsSend as much footage as you'd like, it'll be compiled into the best clips for episodes to your specification of length. Perfect for recorded streams and long open footage with fantastic moments every now and then. Episode is charged by the amount given by the recorder in minutes.$1.25 a minute.
VlogHave your best moments on video compiled into a vlog that showcases your sparkling personality with fantastic edits and fixes in post. Episode is charged by the amount given by the recorder in minutes.$0.90 a minute.
General editingHave footage for an amazing skit you and your buddies made? Perhaps an amazing song that you need a music video for. We can help with that! Being that some ideas are more taxing than others, we charge on a case by case basis. For details please contact us.~$1 a minute.
OtherOther pricing options available based on type of show wanted, contact us and ask!