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What is CouchCom?

Good question, being that couchcom is still something so young and new, we ourselves are not sure where our limits are. But for now, CouchCom is an aspiring community of quality content creators. We are driven to give the very highest quality in whatever we do, be it; comedy, drama, editing, feedback, production, or any and all else. We grow everyday in our skills and aspirations to give people the very best of what we can offer. Our team has been creating content for the Internet for over 5 years, though that long ago we went by other names. Along the way we have picked up experience with how different caveats of the Internet work. Tricks, tips, pointers, hints, we've seen most of them. We stand by 'most' because the Internet is a growing field of knowledge that no one entity can keep up with, that's why you need a team. CouchCom can help guide you in the direction of Internet success. Come be a part of our community, being that you read this far you kind of already are!