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Need help with making animations? This page has got you covered. Check out the playlist to see everything from the first steps, to adding special effects. Don't see what you want? Request a tutorial on the Request page and maybe I'll make it.

How to Set Up a DSLR Camera

Another brickfilming tutorial. This time, taught by Joseph, the actor.

How to Edit a Brickfilm

Jett and Bob are back, and bring you the long awaited: How to EDIT a brickfilm. Turns out I can't be too specific as there are too many ways to edit. Make sure to check out the playlist for more specific tutorials.

How to Make a Brickfilm

Jett, and his short tempered Lego minifigure, Bob, attempt to teach you how to make a BrickFilm (Lego stop motion animation).

The 12 Basic Principles of Animation

These 12 basic principles will help imporve animation technique.