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Open Up a Box

What happens when you open a Zen Magnets Mandala Box? Something Epic? Something Fun? Something Mesmerising? You'll Find out!

Box of Color

Very similar to Open Up a Box of Fun, but more epic and with lots of colors.

Making Of

I explain most of the effects, behind the scenes, delted scenes etc.

Development Log

Description Date Time (approx)
Setup/Rainbow Filming Dec 11, 2012 2 hours
Rainbow VFX, Gold Pot Filming/VFX Dec 12, 2012 4 hours
Snowman Built, Animated and VFX Dec 13, 2012 3 hours
Making/Animating Zelda Scene Dec 14, 2012 3 hours
Explosion Scene Dec 15, 2012 4 hours
Sound Effects Dec 19, 2012 2 hours
Attempt at making car Dec 27, 2012 2 hours
Big gap to work on Blind Cat Game and Website ... ...
Thought of and filmed tree scene Jan 17, 2013 3 hours
VFX for Tree Scene :S Jan 18, 2013 9 hours
Made Wall-E sculptures Jan 21, 2013 1 hour
Wall-E Filming Jan 22, 2013 1 hour
Wall-E VFX and more Sound Jan 23, 2013 8 hours
Redorded sound and tried music Jan 25, 2013 2 hours
Schoolwork ... ...
Finished Title VFX and Full End Scene Feb 15, 2013 3 hours
Totals (Including things not logged above) >>> ~17 Days ~54 Hours

Box of Fun

This is made with entirely stop motion animation, no video, and is consisted of 1000 photos. Each picture goes for 0.09 seconds (11 fps). There was one deleted scene, the epic music was going to stop after the dragon, and zoom in on these two having a cup of tea. The music would then return with the swordfight:

Deleted Scene for Open Up a Box of Fun