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Freqently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do you get Music & Sound Effects?
All of that info can be found on the Music & SoundFX page under the Resources tab.
What Editing Software do you use?
All of that info can be found on the Editing Software page under the Resources tab.
What's the best free editing software?
I have not used all editing software, so I don't know. But Windows Movie Maker or iMovie should do fine.
What Animation Software do you use?
I don't use any at the moment. I find the camera is sufficient enough.
How long does it take to make an animation?
It varies massively, but 3 weeks is a good estimate. People think that that taking the photos takes forever. Not always the case... I filmed every shot in "How to Make a Brickfilm" in one day, but the editing and other things took weeks.
How do you make objects float in videos?
Take a picture of the object. Remove the background in Photoshop. Make it move around the screen in editing. I really should make a tutorial for this...
How did you do that effect... in that video?
I will try to do more 'Making Of' videos where I explain the effects. Check out 'Making Of: Box of Color.' You can request a tutorial for a specific effect on the Request page under the Tutorials tab.
Where do you get your Lego?
I've been getting more sets as presents lately, which has been very useful. As for minifigs and accessories, I get parts individually online, including this seller. But I do have a fair bit of Lego left from my childhood, such as Team A and B's uniforms from a Lego soccer set.
What FPS are your animations?
I used purely 15fps for a while, but McAfee Man was fully 30fps.
What Camera do You Use?
A Canon T3i (600D) DSLR Camera, with a SIGMA 18-250mm lens. There have been several newer models, so I would recommend the latest one. The lens is very good for close up and far away shots, so you can get very close to the set and still be in focus, also a reasonable price (comparatively).
What Microphone do You Use?
A Blue Snowball USB microphone (I used to use the inbuilt camera microphone until Box of Color).
How did you make this website?
I made it from scratch, using coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Get started learning at W3Schools. I did use a couple of templates: the feature slider on the homepage, and the progress bars on the coming soon page.