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About Magnemation

Hello! Welcome to my website where I showcase projects I've worked on. My name is Jett Williams and I'm 21 years old from the Gold Coast, Australia. I like to make mainly Animations, Games, Websites and Apps.


I began making stop motion animations in 2009 (12 years old) and just decided to pick up a camera and try it. I released my first completed animation, Team A vs Team B: Rubik's Cube in 2011 (14 years old). I have now ammassed over subscribers and over views accross all my videos on my YouTube channel.


I learnt how to create games using GameMaker in highschool of 2011 (14 years old). I've worked on a few since then, but have only publicly released one so far, Don't Kill the Blind Cat. I released the initial Mac and PC version at the beginning of 2013 (16 years old), and at the end of 2013, I released an improved version for iOS and Android. I still plan to create many more games in the future, so stay tuned. Out of all of my hobbies, a completed game definitely takes the longest.


I learnt how to create websites with HTML in highschool of 2012 (15 years old), where I created the original version of this website, It mainly focused on my animations at this point, but has evolved to showcase all of my different projects. I have since done commissions, making others websites, such as, or


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament streams on Twitch.


I am currently in the process of creating my first utility app. I am using it for personal use, until it is polished enough for release.

Other Hobbies

I can also solve a Rubik's cube in 22.28 seconds (older video). I have a decent collection of other puzzles from 2x2-7x7, pyramid and dodecahedron shapes, and ones that twist and jumble strangely. You can see my best times for other puzzles on Cubemania.

I found these interesting magnetic spheres in 2009 called Zen Magnets. I have used them to create many sculptures and they have been the star of many of my YouTube videos. I got quite involved with the community, participating in contests, discussion and even made a commission video for the company.

I play competitive Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and have recently placed 5th out of 40 entrants in UQ Smash VII. My main character is Zero Suit Samus, but I also like a bit of Bowser. Check all my results on QLDSmash.

I have done some speedrunnning of Super Mario 64, trying to beat it as fast as possible. My best time for 16-Star is 23:56 (older video).

I participated in a couple of Photoshop Battles on Reddit. You pick an image and leave a comment with your photoshop of it. The submission that gets the most upvotes wins. See some of my submissions.